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If you are to sell your property or need to know the value for insurance purposes, RVM Property Consultants can take care of the valuation of your property.

Our valuers are qualified and in possession of the Fidelity Fund Certificate from REAC.

Contact Rainy on 76770647 or 72164148 or email on rainy@bbi.co.bw for arranging a property valuation.

Are you to rent or sell your property, you might need to refresh the property and have it cleaned.

Give the property a fresh paint in nice colours, in- and outside. Repair those broken tiles or do a new tiling in kitchen or bathroom. Or renew the floor. Repair those leaking taps and toilets. Give a thorough cleaning

Your property in a clean and fresh state will attract a higher rental or sales price. The first impression of the prospective tenant or buyer makes the difference.

RVM Property Consultants is to assist you with giving your property a fresh and clean look.

For more info, contact Rainy on 76770647 or 72164148 or email rainy@bbi.co.bw for more info.

A house deserves a garden.

A garden is not only to enjoy but also reduces the dust in your home.

In our drought striken Botswana it is, due to water shortage, difficult and expensive to maintain a garden.

A dry landscaping is using little water and can be beautiful. RVM Property Consultants can advice, design and build your dry land scaping. You will have a beautiful garden to enjoy and will cost you less on maintenance.

Contact Rainy on 76770647 or 72164148 or email rainy@bbi.co.bw for more info on a design for a dry landscaping.